We Now Offer Patient Financing

Skin Damsel Aesthetics has partnered with CreditNovo, the leader in patient financing. The online application is simple and quick. Your only worry will be choosing what procedure you want to have done.

What is CreditNovo?

CreditNovo Financing Solutions is an online credit option specifically designed to make life a little easier for you. Need something, but don’t have the cash? CreditNovo provides access to the funding that can get you what the need, NOW!


CreditNovo offers an online, and user-friendly financing solution that can be accessed 24/7 through the CreditNovo.com website. Easy access allows you to quickly establish your individual credit qualifications prior to the delivery of goods or services or, you can apply in a Provider’s office at the time of your appointment. Either way is quick and easy – if your credit is 570 FICO or better, the application and loan approval process only takes about 5 minutes. Learn more ›


Please call the office for more information about CreditNovo financing.


DO NOT APPLY IF YOUR APPOINTMENT IS MORE THAN 30 DAYS OUT. The approval is only good for 30 days. If it lapses, you will have to re-apply again. Also, please apply for the EXACT amount you will be spending ($750 minimum). The entire amount you apply for will be financed at the time of your visit. I cannot change this unfortunately if you decide to do more. I can only change the amount if it’s less.

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