Customized Treatment Plans

Whether you are concerned about fine lines and wrinkles, brown spots, or just a dull dry complexion, we will customize a treatment plan to meet your skin’s needs that will have you looking healthy, youthful and rejuvenated.
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Hydra Skin Refiner Facial

Fractora Micro Needling

Signature Facials

Damsel Detox

Purify and balance oily and acne prone skin with this deep cleansing facial that focuses on removing impurities from the pores and help prevent breakouts and congestion.  This detox facial will also target wrinkles, other signs of aging, and even irritation. Extractions may be performed with this facial.

Dermaplaning Exfoliating Facial

Once your skin is thoroughly cleansed, our highly trained medical aestheticians will remove the top most layer of dead skin and all the vellus hair (aka peach fuzz) from the face and upper neck. This facial will leave your skin incredibly soft and smooth. Dermaplaning is the ultimate form of exfoliation and allows for improved penetration of medical grade products. Perfect for pregnant women or those who prefer a non-chemical skin resurfacing technique.

Hydra Facial

Combines a 4 Step water based facial in one: Cleanse-Exfoliate-Extract-Hydrate

The Hydra Skin Refiner unclogs pores by utilizing water pressure + a vacuum based technology to remove debris from below the skin surface.  Safe for all Skin Types.


This non-invasive treatment gently exfoliates your skin. After a series of treatments, your complexion can appear smoother.

Hydradermabrasion is a newer method. It involves combining simultaneous dermal infusion of products and crystal-free exfoliation. The entire process stimulates collagen production and maximizes blood flow to your skin.

Custom Facials

We offer a variety of medical-grade facials and peels designed to provide you with refreshed, glowing skin in a beautiful, relaxed atmosphere. Each treatment is customized to your specific skin’s needs.

Enzyme Facials

Enzymes from natural sources, such as fruits, working with the enzymes in and on your skin, can come together in a dramatic dance to revitalize your skin and return a youthful glow and feel to your face, neck or anywhere you want to improve texture or appearance. This is minimal downtime facial with an immediate improvement in your skin!

Customized Facials

One size does not fill all when talking about an individual’s skin.   Each of our clients customized facials a created to target a specific concern. All facials include a skin analysis and take home skincare card with all products used during your treatment.

Treatments often include a thorough cleansing, active exfoliation, extractions, skin specific mask, facial massage, toning, hydration treatment, and sun protection.

Chemical Peel Services

Vi Peel Series

A “next generation” peel that is painless and provides results within days with little downtime. Rather than just burning skin off, the Vi Peel tackles skin problems on a cellular level using a combination of acids and vitamins. You will see improvements after your first peel, but repeated use, once every three months is recommended to prevent damage and to maximize benefits as a true aging preventative for younger skin.

Specifically formulated for pigmented skin

  • Reduces the appearance of age spots
  • Brightens even the most stubborn areas of discoloration
  • Smooths away rough skin texture
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Shrink enlarged pores
  • Builds collagen and elastin which tightens the skin
  • A simple, pain-free procedure
  • Acne Prone SKin
  • Acne Scars

Enlighten RX Peel – Melasma (In-office treatment ONLY!)

This Peel can effectively:

  • Even out skin tone
  • Eliminate hyperpigmentation
  • Treat melasma
  • Improve blotchy patches
  • Scarred skin
  • Dull skin freckles

*Safe for every skin tone, including dark skin types

Comes with everything you need for 28 days. Please be advised, this is a medical grade Peel and requires downtime. Please call our office to book an in office consultation first.


Sclerotherapy (Spider Veins) - One Touch up in the same area included

  • Free consultation.
  • Includes 4 treatments, scheduled 3-4 weeks apart.

Vascular therapy (sclerotherapy) is a popular method of spider vein reduction. We inject Polydocenol, a liquid solution, into the vein through a tiny needle, the agent causes the vessels to contract and collapse. Over the next few weeks the treated vessels fade and appearance is significantly diminished. Several treatments are usually required for optimal results. We do not treat any vein larger than 3mm.

Wrinkle Relaxers (Botox/Dysport)

Botox or Dysport Preventative/ Corrective

Cosmetic treatment that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and deep lines, like those that appear in between the brows and around the eyes, lip flip, and used in the jawline for slimming and people who grind their teeth. It’s a popular treatment for women and men who want more youthful, refreshed, and vibrant appearances. For any given area, the number of units needed varies.

Working similarly to Botox, Dysport® is effective for the correction of dynamic wrinkles such as crow’s feet, forehead lines, and frown lines. A repeat Dysport® session will not be necessary for three to five months. With consistent treatment over time, Dysport® can help prevent further wrinkles and fine lines.

Botox® is the most popular non-invasive cosmetic procedure performed. By paralyzing the targeted muscles, Botox® can smooth dynamic wrinkles from repetitive muscle movement. This quick treatment decreases the signs of aging and leaves you looking naturally refreshed with a more youthful appearance. It is also used as a preventative measure from developing further fine lines. Results from Botox® can last up to three to four months.

Treatment areas below:

Forehead Lines (12-20 units)

Get rid of those horizontal forehead lines! Botox or Dysport can help prevent or treat the wrinkles and lines of your forehead, keeping your face and skin looking young and vibrant.  To achieve a balanced and natural result, we often treat the scowl lines with the forehead.

Frown Lines (12-25 units)

Frown lines are the wrinkles between your eyebrows, typically called “11’s”, usually visible
when furrowing the eyebrows. A quick treatment of Botox or Dysport can help keep these
wrinkles at bay, creating a smoother and more refreshed look.

Bunny Lines (6-12 units)

Bunny lines are a nickname for the wrinkles you get when scrunching your nose. A quick
treatment will fade those lines, leaving behind smooth and beautiful skin.

Brow Lift (4-10 units)

A quick solution to tired eyes. Using Botox or Dysport can help lift the eyebrows, making you
look more youthful and awake. Let us accentuate those gorgeous eyes you have!

Crow’s Feet (12-20 units)

Crows feet are the lines etched on the outer corners of the eyes. A few units of Botox or
Dysport will help smooth out those fine lines to keep your eyes looking youthful.

Lip Lines / Lip Flip (4-8 units)

Less wrinkles, more smiling please! Get rid of those fine lines surrounding your smile with a
quick treatment of Botox or Dysport. We also offer a Lip Flip. This is done by injecting Botox/
Dysport into the lip line to give lips a fuller, plumper look.

Dimpled Chin (6-8 units)

The dimpled or “Orange Peel” look on the chin can be treated with Botox or Dysport. This
will smooth the skin of the chin for a youthful and relaxed look.

Platysma (Vertical Neck Cords) (12-24 units)

The platysma muscles are those vertical cords that run down your neck, more visible when clenching the jaw. These lines, or “Turkey Neck,” can be dulled with a treatment of Botox / Dysport. The treatment is also known as the “Nefertiti Neck Lift,” because of its ability to smooth the neck. While results may be visible directly after treatment, it may take a few weeks to fully appreciate the injections’ effects.

Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating) (20-50 units per side/area)

Do you suffer from excessive sweating? Botox can help! Botox has been FDA-approved to help with excessive perspiration in areas such as the palms, soles of the feet, and under arms.

Masseter (TMJ) / Face slimming (30-50 units)

Do you clench your jaw or grind your teeth? Botox / Dysport are used to relax the masseter muscle, resulting in improved TMJ symptoms and facial slimming with higher doses. It’s one of the simplest ways to achieve that desired heart-shaped face!

Dermal Fillers

As people age, the skin of the face can become lax and sink, eventually causing facial lines and creases. Dermal Fillers are designed to increase the volume of facial tissues, to lift sagging skin and smooth wrinkles. Dermal Fillers are well known for creating fuller lips and can restore a youthful appearance. The results from a treatment will last between six and nine months.

We do recommend allowing 4-7 days of social downtime in the event of swelling and bruising which can be common with these types of treatments. You can read more on minimizing bruising in our FAQ tab.

There are several Dermal Fillers available at Skin Damsel Aesthetics each one is unique in its viscosity (thickness and consistency), therefore a proper consultation is needed to decide what is best for you.


We carry a variety of Restylane®,products,  Juvéderm® Ultra Plus, and

Revanesse Versa.


Areas that can be treated:

Jawline Augmentation

A sculpted jawline is desirable for both men and women alike. Add some definition to your
face with a little filler! Average needed is 4-6 syringes but will discuss at consult specific amount for each individual patient. Syringe product will vary depending on the product best for the patient’s anatomy.

Cheek Augmentation

Filler to enhance cheek bones and can also help balance your facial profile. Filler is used to contour the cheeks. This treatment diminishes the appearance of the nasolabial folds (laugh lines). Average needed is 2-3 syringes but will discuss at consult specific amount for each individual patient.

Chin Augmentation

As we age, we lose bone and soft tissue in our lower face. Filler is used to augment and anti-aging the chin, giving shape and definition to the face, as well as improving and balancing the profile. Average needed is 1-3 syringes but we will discuss at consult specific amount for each individual patient.

Tear Trough/ Under Eye Augmentation

Are you getting 8 hours of sleep but still look tired? This procedure uses filler to diminish
hollowing under the eyes, which can often be attributed to aging or genetics. The results
include a refreshed, more awake look. Please know I may recommend treating your cheeks along with your under-eyes. Average needed is 1-3 syringes but will discuss at consult specific amount for each individual patient. Product used will vary depending on the patient’s anatomy.

Lip Augmentation

Can enhance lip shape and restore volume loss. Average needed is 1 syringe per patient, but will discuss at consult specific amount for each individual patient. Whether you want subtle volume or significantly fuller lips, we are confident we have the right treatment for you. We will decide together which filler is best for you based on your

Cheek and Under Eye Combination

Our most popular treatment! Filler is used to reduce the appearance of tired, sunken eyes.
The combination of cheek and under eye filler re-establishes volume loss in the mid-face
resulting in a refreshed and youthful look.

Lower Face Filler (under/around mouth)

Filler is used to rejuvenate the lower face, fill in fine lines around the mouth, and up-turn
the corners of the mouth as needed. This is a completely custom treatment based on your
needs and desires.

Nasolabial Fold Filler (Smile/Laugh lines)

Filler is used to soften the appearance of the nasolabial folds (smile/laugh lines). Smooth and erase laugh lines around mouth with filler. Average needed is 1-2 syringes. Midface/ Cheek filler may be needed first.

Temple Augmentation

Used to soften your facial features, and give a more youthful appearance to those who have volume loss in the temple area. Average is 1-3 syringes based off the unique needs of the patient. We can also use Sculptra when addressing temple hollowing.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) - Injections

PRP/PRF, or “Liquid Gold” as we like to call it, is the perfect solution to stimulate cell growth within the body. The patient’s blood is drawn, processed, and then used for treatment. The amazing benefits of PRP and PRF can be used to stimulate hair growth, diminish the appearance of scarring, encourage the body’s production of collagen, and much more.


PRP is produced from your blood. It is a concentration of platelets, which circulate through your blood and are critical for blood clotting. Platelets and the liquid plasma portion of the blood contain many factors that are essential for cell recruitment, multiplication, and specialization. An ideal concentration of platelets for a platelet rich plasma sample is between 2-5 times the level of platelets typically found within the body.


Platelet Rich Fibrin is one of the most natural ways to induce collagen. You can use PRF in either an injection or with microneedling. Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) is second-generation PRP platelets, and leukocytes are present to accelerate the healing of soft and hard tissue. Platelet-rich fibrin products contain approximately 10 times the platelet concentration that is found within the body. PRF is an enhanced version of PRP that has a slow release of growth factors, which starts the tissue healing process.

Treatment Areas:

Facial Injections 

Platelet Rich Plasma is injected strategically into areas of the face to stimulate
collagen, tighten the skin, improve skin texture, and reduce the appearance of lines and
wrinkles. This treatment requires us to draw your blood; stay hydrated 24 hours prior to
your appointment.

Hair Restoration 

Have you noticed thinning and recent hair loss? PRP might be the answer for you! PRP is like fertilizer for your hair. You will need a series of 3-4 treatments. Each treatment is separated by 4-6 weeks to allow the hair to grow. Optimum results can be achieved over a 4-9 month time frame. This treatment requires us to draw your blood; stay hydrated 24 hours prior to your appointment.



L-Poly Lactic Acid is different from topical treatments and other facial fillers because it works with your body to help revitalize the production of collagen, the natural substance that gives your skin resiliency, elasticity and shape. The result? A more youthful-looking appearance that can last more than two years. Sculptra works subtly and gradually over time. Sculptra is injected deep into the dermis and gradually improves the affected area. The Sculptra process takes several weeks. You gradually begin to look younger, not all at once. No one can say for sure that you have had something cosmetically done; they are kept guessing.


Sculptra® Aesthetic works subtly and gradually over time for a more youthful-looking appearance. Unlike hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers, Sculptra Aesthetic helps stimulate your skin’s own natural collagen production to help restore its inner structure and increase facial volume that has been lost due to aging.

Results appear gradually over the treatment regime (typically three injections over the course of three to four months) and can last up to two years.

Treatment areas:

Face Starting

Sculptra is injected into areas of the face such as the temples, cheeks, smile lines, jawline,
etc. The injection of Sculptra helps stimulate collagen in the area to strengthen and tighten
the skin. Sculptra is also a perfect solution to naturally address volume loss in the face. A
series of 3 treatments is typically recommended. Results last 2-3 years.

Body Skin Tightening 

Sculptra can be injected into the knees, the elbows, or in the abdomen to help stimulate
collagen in the area, thus improving skin texture and tone. Results last 2-3 years.

Cellulite Treatment

Sculptra is strategically injected into areas of the legs to diminish the appearance
of cellulite, leaving behind a smooth and firmer appearance. A series of 3-4 sessions is
recommended. Results last 2-3 years.

Booty Lift 

The Sculptra “Booty Lift” is a truly revolutionizing non-surgical procedure with minimal
downtime. The injection of Sculptra helps stimulate collagen in the area, allowing your
body to create its own volume, leaving you with a booty to be proud of! Results last 2-3
years. Typically, 8-10 vials needed per treatment.



Micro-needling (Collagen Induction Therapy) is a minimally-invasive procedure that improves skin tone and quality. The Skin Pen delivers a precise series of pulses to the affected area. This triggers a release of our body’s natural growth factors, and creates new collagen and elastin. In response to the stimulus, the skin plumps and thickens, reducing the appearance of scars, fine lines and wrinkles.

Micro-needling treats acne scarring, scattered pigmentation, aging lines, stretch marks, and poor skin texture. It is safe for all skin types and ethnicities.

  • Face only
  • Face + Neck
  • Face + Neck + Chest
  • Stretchmarks/scars
  • Add Platelet Rich Plasma

This procedure  requires  minimal downtime with noticeable results.

Fractora - Facial Rejuvenation

Fractora uses a handheld device with small pins to create tiny punctures in the skin, sending heat below the surface to promote collagen production. This short in-office procedure that has minimal downtime.

Benefits include:

  • Skin tightening
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improves skin tone and texture
  • Treats active acne and Cystic acne
  • Diminishes appearance of acne scars

Fractora - Excessive Sweating

There is now a new treatment that offers a more long-term if not permanent improvement for armpit hyperhidrosis using Fractora.

Fractora is also used for treatment of hyperhidrosis of the armpits where it can permanently destroy the majority of the armpit area sweat glands in a single treatment thereby reducing unwanted excess sweat and odor. This treatment typically only takes a single session. The armpit areas are numbed with local anesthetic then the Fractora treatment is performed. Treatments can take as little as 45 minutes.



Our IPL (intense pulsed light) photofacial targets discoloration in the skin, including veins, age spots, sun damage and uneven skin tone. The high energy light waves also induce natural collagen production, rejuvenating the skin and reducing visible signs of aging.

The light waves kill bacteria under the skin that create acne leading to fewer breakouts. While simultaneously evening the skin’s tone and killing bacteria beneath the skin. This laser treatment also targets spider veins.


  • Skin Discoloration
  • Sun Spots
  • Rosacea
  • Broken Capillaries
  • Freckles
  • Spider Veins
  • Acne


Who is an ideal candidate for IPL Photofacial?
This treatment targets a variety of skin conditions. Client’s who are skin types 1 – 4 on the Fitzpatrick scale are eligible for this treatment. The client must not be on antibiotics or other medication that causes sensitivity to light. The client must also not have been in prolonged exposure to the sun within two weeks before the appointment to avoid burning the skin. We recommend wearing sunscreen SPF 50 is routinely daily.

What to expect after an IPL Photofacial?
Results may vary depending on the aggression and target of the treatment. Freckles will begin to flake off in a process described as “peppering.” The client should see noticeable improvements in tone and texture. The client may notice collagen stimulation plumping the skin and decreasing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Hair Regeneration

Lash Lift

Lash Lift is the newest in semi-permanent lash curling that works with your natural lashes. Lash Lift uses different sizes of silicone pads and each lash is “lifted” individually, creating a perfect curl for your lash length. Perfect for straight lashes that won’t hold a curl using a lash curler, hooded or mature eyelids, or clients who just want a break from daily curling.

With lifted lashes, your eyes immediately open up and lashes look  fuller and longer.

Treatment is about 45 minutes with results lasting 4-6 weeks.

Lash Extensions (Full Set or Refills)

Eyelash Extensions are not traditional false eyelashes. They are single synthetic strands of eyelashes directly to your individual eyelashes. Eyelash extensions provide a fullness that eliminates the need for mascara, giving you a low-maintenance beauty routine.

Eyelash or Eyebrow Tint

Eyelash tint is a form of hair dye developed for specific use on the eyelashes. Eyelash tinting produces a similar effect to mascara. It visibly lengthens, darkens and thickens the appearance of eyelashes without smudging, clotting or rubbing off.

Whether you’re going on a beach holiday and want to enjoy swimming and water-sports without worrying about panda eyes, or if you’re simply curious to see the enhancing effects of darker lashes, then eyelash tinting could be the beauty treatment for you.

Brow-tinting is a color service that doesn’t take away any hair but uses semi-permanent vegetable dye to enhance color, shape, and thickness — or all of the above. The benefits are immediate.


Facial waxing is a great alternative to laser hair removal. Waxing provides smooth, silky, hair-free skin for a longer period of time than shaving. Waxing also does not cause stubble associated with shaving. Here at Skin Damsel, hard wax is used; which is gentle on the skin and effective when removing fine to coarse hair.

Brow Shaping

Eyebrows are your most important feature, providing a frame for your face. Being able to accent your natural size and shape with careful trimming and tweezing to create balance, symmetry and harmony.

We believe that natural-looking is always the best-looking.